Monday, March 07, 2011

Portraits of Colleen - Los Angeles, California...

I took these photos during Serj Tankian's new Goodbye - Gate 21 (Rock Remix) video shoot directed by my friend Ara Soudjian and George Tonikian.

Stylist: Houri Mahserejian
Make up: Arpi Nazaryan Pin It Now!




Melinda said...

Is this the new Portra? These look more pastel than other pictures I've seen taken with it if so. These are lovely!

Leo Patrone said...

Thanks Melinda! Porta 400.

Simone Anne said...


I wish you would share more personal work! :)

Sophie Delaveau said...


Eden Lang said...

your work is always so stunning! so inspired. Thanks:)

Tim said...

Man... just awesome.

I have a question about the new Portra 400.

Is it okay to overexpose it by one stop or more without problems?

I heard it turns yellowish if overexposed.

Thank you!

Leo Patrone said...

Thanks for all the nice comments!


If you are scanning the negative it's fine. I mean, if the picture is yellow you can adjust it in Photoshop.
It's always better to get the right exposure instead of overexposing the negative, it will save you time on the computer. But it all depends in what look you are going for.
I've shot this film for a while and now I got the workflow down to the look I want. I would say just try different exposures and see what you like.

Tim said...

Thanks for responding!

I will try out a couple rolls.


Lloyed said...

A big fan of your work...another nice post!!! Keep it coming, you're inspiring people