Thursday, February 19, 2009

The official website is finally back up. Click here. I got back from Las Vegas early this morning. WPPI this year was better than ever, but I'll talk about it in a different post.
Many many thanks to Cole Nielsen for the design and Dane Hansen for his awesome flash work.
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wrecklessgirl said...!

nicole said...

i like that you kinda kept your old design because it is so classic and modern and the typography is beautiful. your work is stunning, of course. i wish there were more photos in the engagements gallery. do you not shoot families? i thought you did once...also, as a client, i always prefer prices to be listed. but that's just me. i really like your about page--the text is fantastically scripted. and your contact page is phenomenal! it is unique and once again, the typography is droolworthy.

so, all in all, A+!

Leilani Bascom said...

looks gorgeous. i really like the way your font sizes draw attention to certain words like 'borrowing canon ae1' leads to bigger 'fascinated with photography'

Camille said...

I really love the look and the way your site is mapped out. Simple and hot. I loved looking at the weddings and your personal work. I hadn't seen some of those images. You have shot some really cool things in life and you make them look like I want to be there and be that cool.

Congratulations on your WPPI experience. I heard that some pretty great stuff happened!

Anonymous said...

Looks great, but some of my favorite bridal shots you have done are not included :(

Other than that, I have no complaints :)


Anonymous said...

i didnt know that you developed your own film leo. that is so neat to learn in your "about" section. the website looks swell. i really am a fan of the font and how you arranged it. yay for it being done!

Kirstin @ Southern Weddings said...

Love the new site! I was in Vegas too for WPPI on behalf of Southern Weddings. I would have loved to have met up with you, maybe another time. Congrats again on the new site it's beautiful!

grant olsen said...

I love it, dude. I'm glad you maintained the original design. It's really impressive to see so much of your personal work in a slideshow like that. Also, your mission statement and bio are written extremely well.